First Date Trilogy

Written by Bill Rhoten

Presented by The Core Theatre

Directed by James Hansen Prince

Presenting a trilogy of plays in repertory.

First Date

The time is 1941. It’s a warm, late autumn afternoon on Lake Mathis and nineteen-year-old Anna Erhard sits on the front porch awaiting her date for the evening, a Mr. Caleb Keener, a sailor she has been writing to for almost a year now. He is now forty-five minutes late and she is mortified at the thought of being stood up as well as the shame she might have to endure at the hands of her family and their guests for the evening. Are her faith in Caleb and her belief in the man who writes her all those “wonderful” letters enough? We are all left waiting to see.


Set in the early 1940s, this is the story of a family who faces the shocking and life-changing news of the U.S. entering WWII. The oldest daughter, Anna, is about to leave home for the first time, to meet up with her sweetheart who is stationed at the naval base in Pearl Harbor. All the neighborhood chit-chat about what has been going on in Europe and how the U.S. needs to “do something” takes on new meaning when this family and their friends find themselves right in the middle of that decision.

Life’s Little Miracles

The last in “The Greatest Generation Trilogy”, the lives of the Erhard family after Pearl Harbor continue in Mathis, Texas. Anna and Caleb have been married, but she hasn’t seen him since their brief honeymoon night in Corpus Christi. Caleb was transferred to the aircraft carrier Lexington, which is now at the bottom of the sea. She and her family prepare for the future and the Christmas of 1942.

Audition Start:
Jan. 22, 2022 at 6:00pm
Audition End:
Jan. 23, 2022 at 9:00pm
Audition Details:

Both days from 6-9 pm

Audition Location:

The Core Theatre
518 W. Arapaho Rd., Ste. 115
Richardson, TX 75080

Callback Dates:
Rehearsal Dates:

Feb. 7 through Mar. 16, 2022
Monday through Friday 7-10 pm

Performance Dates:

Mar. 17 – Apr. 9, 2022
Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 8 pm
Sundays at 3 pm

To Signup:
  • Cold readings from the script. Perusal scripts are available at the theatre.
Roles Available:
  • Anna Erhard – A young woman of 19; in love with Caleb Keener
  • Abe Erhard – Anna’s father
  • Eve Erhard – Anna’s mother
  • Sunny Erhard – Anna’s younger sister, she’s a bit of a rascal at 14.
  • Caleb Keener – The young sailor who captured Anna’s heart.
  • Pastor Jimmy Alden – The Erhards’ pastor
  • June Alden – Pastor Alden’s wife
  • Billy Edwards – Sunny Erhard’s boyfriend; 14
  • Rita Masters – The Erhards’ 14-year-old neighbor; Billy’s friend
  • Sandra Carlisle – A Naval nurse
  • Mr. Walker – Neighborhood mailman
  • Cara O’Brien
  • John Dale Lowe
  • Stipend
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2022-01-15 07:13
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