Julius Caesar

Written by William Shakespeare

Directed by Julia Nelson

One of Shakespeare’s most well-known plays, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar is a historical play based in Ancient Rome. Caesar, politically popular after his military victories, may kill the Roman republic by becoming king. But a conspiracy to kill Caesar before then might destroy the republic too.

Audition Start:
Jan. 15, 2022 at 2:00pm
Audition End:
Jan. 22, 2022 at 6:00pm
Audition Details:

One-hour blocks on Saturdays 2-6 pm and Wednesday the 19th 6-8 pm.

Audition Location:

Dallas Public Library
1515 Young St
Dallas, TX 75201

Callback Dates:
Rehearsal Dates:

Jan. 26 – Mar. 4, 2022

Performance Dates:

Mar. 5-12, 2022

To Signup:
  • Please have a one-to-two minute monologue memorized. Monologues in verse from an early modern play (Shakespeare or contemporaries) are preferred but not required.
  • Dress to move and expect to stay for 30-60 minutes.
  • Due to performance venue requirements, all participants must show proof of covid vaccination.
Roles Available:

There are no demographic requirements for roles in this production.

  • Caesar: The soon-to-be emperor of Rome.
  • Octavius: Caesar’s adopted heir and a military officer in training.
  • Calpurnia: Caesar’s spouse.
  • Mark Antony: A senator and general, and a supporter of Caesar and Octavius.
  • Brutus: A senator and general, and a close friend of Cassius and Caesar.
  • Portia: Brutus’s spouse.
  • Cassius: A senator and general, and the leader of the plot to assassinate Caesar.
  • Comp tickets and/or other perks,Stipend
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2022-01-08 12:36
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